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How to Create a Community?

Welcome, to the guide on How to Create a Community.

This article will provide guidance on initiating a Community. Shall we proceed?

Create a Workspace (if you already don't have one)

If you already have a workspace, simply click on it and continue working. However, if you don't have a workspace, you'll need to Create New Workspace.

Create a Course (if you already don't have one)

After creating a workspace, You have to Create a Course before you can create a community.

Now let's get started!

Create a Community

Once your course is prepared, go to the sidebar and select the "Community" tab to start creating your community.

Provide the Necessary Information

Click on "Create a Community" and make sure to provide the necessary details, including the Community Name, Community Description, and the course you want to link to your community under "Link Community" when creating a new community. Additionally, prepare your "Community Icon" and "Community Thumbnail" for uploading.

Click "Create Community" Below

Voila! In these four simple steps, your Community is now ready for you.

Good Luck with Your Community!

Updated on: 12/04/2023

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